The Fourth International Scientific Conference "Vajrayana Buddhism In Russia: Traditions And Innovations"
10-13 October 2014
The conference topics
The conference will include panel discussions on topics: “Monks, yogis, lay practitioners (transformation of cultural and social status)”, led by Anatoliy Kolesnikov, DSc in Philosophy (Saint Petersburg) and “Buddhist education in Russia: yesterday and today” – led by Elena Leonteva, PhD in History (Moscow).
Buddhism in the history of Russia and adjacent countries
Buddhism in the modern global world
Problems of Russian Buddhist education
Buddhism in the context of social and cultural practices
Forms of reception and acculturation of Buddhism in the West and Russia
Past and contemporary lay Buddhism
Buddhism in the light of contemporary scientific knowledge
Buddhism in Russian philosophy, literature and art
Mutual interaction of various Buddhist traditions in the context of their history
Vajrayana methods in the development of human intellectual and creative abilities
Organizing Committee Co-chairs
  • Natalia Lvovna Zhukovskaya, DS in History, Professor (Ethnology and Anthropology Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)

  • Anatoly Alexeyev-Apraksin, DSc in Cultural Studies (Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg)

  • Tatyana Vasilchenko, Director of Astrakhan State United Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve (Astrakhan)
Organizing Committee Members
  • V. P. Androsov, DSc in History, Professor (Moscow)

  • N. G. Artemyeva, PhD in History (Vladivostok)

  • V. N. Badmayev, DSc in Philosophy, Professor (Elista)

  • L. V. Baeva, DS in Philosophy, Professor (Astrakhan)

  • E. P. Bakayeva, DSc in History (Elista)

  • S. G. Batyreva, DSc in Arts (Elista)

  • E. V. Gainutdinova, PhD (Astrakhan)

  • Yu. I. Yelikhina, PhD in History (Saint Petersburg)

  • A. P. Zabiyako, DSc in Philosophy, Professor (Blagoveshchensk)

  • B. I. Zagumyonnov, PhD (Saint Petersburg)

  • B. U. Kitinov, PhD in History, Associate Professor (Moscow)

  • A. Sh. Koybagarov (Saint Petersburg), President of the Russian Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Buddhists Association

  • A. S. Kolesnikov, DSc in Philosophy, Professor (St. Petersburg)

  • L. M. Korotetskaya, PhD (Novosibirsk)

  • A. A. Kurapov, PhD in History (Astrakhan)

  • E. V. Leonteva, PhD in History, chief editor of Orientalia Publishing House (Moscow)

  • S. Yu. Lepekhov, DSc in Philosophy, Professor (Ulan-Ude)

  • A. V. Lesnov, PhD, Associate Professor (Magadan)

  • E. V. Malyshkin, PhD, Associate Professor (Saint Petersburg)

  • K. A. Nadneeva, Doctor of Philosophical sciences, Professor (Elista)

  • N. G. Ochirova, Candidate of Political sciences (Elista)

  • D. L. Spivak, DSc in Philology, Professor (Saint Petersburg)

  • K. Sh. Khafizova, member of the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Kazakhstan, DSc in History, Professor (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Conference venue
Astrakhan State Technical University, 16, Tatishcheva Street
Institute of Philosophy, Saint Petersburg State University
Astrakhan State Technical University
Astrakhan State United Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve
Astrakhan State University
Centre for Philosophical Comparative Studies and Social-Humanitarian Research, Institute of Philosophy, Saint Petersburg State University
UNESCO Chair in Comparative Studies of Spiritual Traditions, their Specific Cultures and Interreligious Dialogue
Russian Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Buddhists Association
If you have any questions regarding participation fees, Conference programme and guidelines, please contact our coordinators:
V. M. Dronova
Saint Petersburg
+7 (962) 683 07 00
+7 (911) 921 20 43

A. B. Sokolov
Saint Petersburg
Organizing committee address
Nikolsky pereulok, 7-26, 190068, Saint Petersburg, Russia